Thursday, November 27, 2003

...and an ayatollah shall lead them further
Give me more says Sistani

First, the ayatollah, and apparently other religious figures, fear that the Americans and their allies in the Governing Council will dominate the caucuses - and weed out Islamists they regard as unsympathetic to them.

Second, they believe that only full elections will give the Iraqi Shia the political representation they feel they are entitled to, as 60% of the population.

He'll get what he wants, IMO. Keeping the Shia on board is the best and possible only hope for an orderly transition. Of courese, if the Grand Ayatollah was really upset, he could take it up with the organ grinder...whoops, too late.

Mr Bush spent two hours having dinner with about 600 stunned US troops at Baghdad airport before leaving Iraq.

From state visits to stealth visits.