Thursday, November 27, 2003

You can take the girl out of Stoke
Guardian commentator Jackie Ashley's dad, Jack, used to be my MP when I was growing up. Despite becoming a figure of note in the commentariat, it seems she hasn't quite left the six towns behind

The speech itself, flatly written and - sorry Ma'am - flatly delivered, is a laundry list of legislation which I don't suppose swings a single vote in the country. It is only the annual "to-do" list. It is the government's equivalent of one of those sticky yellow notes: "phone dentist, pick up dry-cleaning, buy more light bulbs, toothpaste, oatcakes..." Like many of those lists, some of the measures and pious hopes in the Queen's Speech will be elbowed aside by the pressure of more important things and eventually forgotten. Like many lists, there will be the legislative equivalents of the illegible squiggles at the bottom of the page - "now what did I mean by that?"

Here's what she was referring to. And yes, I must pick up some oatcakes.