Thursday, December 11, 2003

Here's a democracy some democrats made earlier
Daniel Davies critiques the competence of the liberators.

This is why I never quite understand why the pro-war crowd, left and right, seem to think that injecting the phrase "Bush is a moron" into the debate is in some way unsportsmanlike, unmannerly or evidence that one's opposition is partisan or not serious. It's an entirely germane point in considering the costs and benefits of a war whether or not it's being run by a moron, and it is by no means established that the option of a war not run by a moron was completely out of the question.

I argued in his comments that invading Iraq was not something a smart administration would do in the first place. Or at least, not one which was smart enough to know the limits of its power to shape the political and economic future of a foreign country while at the same time establishing a regime that both reflected the will of the locals and respected minority cultures and rights. The issue here isn't intelligence, but hubris.

Four years after it was "liberated" by a NATO bombing campaign, Kosovo has deteriorated into a hotbed of organized crime, anti-Serb violence and al-Qaeda sympathizers, say security officials and Balkan experts.

Though nominally still under UN control, the southern province of Serbia is today dominated by a triumvirate of Albanian paramilitaries, mafiosi and terrorists. They control a host of smuggling operations and are implementing what many observers call their own brutal ethnic cleansing of minority groups, such as Serbs, Roma and Jews.

This particular fiasco was brought to you by Bill Clinton. A smart fellow, as I recall.

link via Jim Henley