Wednesday, January 21, 2004

after the assassination
With many folks this side of the pond looking hopefully for a white knight on a donkey to come riding to the rescue this November, and perhaps be greeted ina hail of baguettes by grateful Parisians, it's nice to see that Counterpunch remains reliably astringent on the subject of the Democrats and their hopes.

A week before the Iowa caucus a liberal, very senior Democratic US congressman from northern California was speculating to friends that Dean might well be “McGoverned”, referring to the way the Democratic Party leadership in 1972 pulled the rug out from under the South Dakotan for being far too liberal and antiwar. This senior Democrat recounted how Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd had snarled in one private party conclave that Dean “should step aside and let the adults take over”.

Aside from being vociferously against Bush’s prosecution of the war in Iraq, Dean’s threat in DNC eyes is that he has been raising money independent of the Party’s control. Dean spent $3 million of his campaign money in Iowa.

The article also contains Gore Vidal's priceless description of Senator Kerry: like Lincoln - after the assassination.