Friday, January 09, 2004

Because I say so
The Dear Leader ascends the anti-smoking bandwagon.

Blood & Treasure will avoid making the obvious libertarian point. Let the man speak for himself.

Reports in the South Korean media said Kim recently singled out smokers as one of the "three main fools of the 21st century", along with those who are ignorant about computers and music.

Elsewhere, I learn that North Korea has a feisty music industry.

The nation's favourite hits include 'The Song of Bean Paste', 'The Song of Industrial Rehabilitation for Nationbuilding', 'Please Come Back Soon After Your Convoy Duty' and 'I Also Raise Chickens'. And from the phrase book we got, in the section 'On the Way to the Hotel': 'Is the hotel far?'; 'How long will it take?'; 'The houses are very beautiful'; and 'Let us mutilate US capitalist lackeys'. That should get visitors off to a good start.

For the record, I know two people who have met the family Kim. The first went out on an official Euro delegation, the highlight of which was being forced out of bed at 3 am by cuboid security goons, hustled into a car and driven off somwehere to the leadership compound. There he was brouight into the presence of Kim Il Sung, who had heard he was English and wanted to expound on North Korea's performance in the 1966 world cup. Did the defeat of Italy at Ayresome Park not show the ability of the Korean worker, inspired by the Juche ideal, to beat and smash the lackeys of US capitalism? Indeed it did.

A couple of years later, another acquaintance went freelancing to Pyongyang in the hope of flogging off some redundant mining gear from the Derbyshire pits (ah, the regeneration of coalfield communities!). He met Kim the younger...and yes, he is mad. Giggling at nothing, conducting lively social intercourse with imaginary friends, frowning and grimacing - the full Caligula. As the meeting unfolded, the fellow found he was gradually being inserted into a complex web of contradeals, apparenrly involving him in travel to some far too interesting places. he left immediately, without performing convoy duties or mutilating any lackeys of US imperialism.