Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Demagoguery, East and West
Thousands of B&T fans get the benefit of my Chrsitmas reading. From the Tiananmen Papers, Deng Xiaoping proposes measures to restore the Communist Party's popularity after June 4 1989:

"The second explanation we need to make is about corruption. We have to do some practical, on the ground things that show we are really serious about this problem, not just making a show of it....we should take a couple of dozen examples of corruption or bribe taking - some at province level and some at national level - and pursue them vigorously and swiftly. We should make everything public...

...This is of utmost importance! The image is crucial!"

Moving on to 2000, Tony Blair proposes measures to restore New Labour's popularity after general ennui begins to set in.

" ever, we are lacking a tough public message along with the strategy. We should think now of an initiative, eg locking up street muggers. Something tough, with immediate bite which sends a message through the system...this should be done soon and I, personally, should be associated with it. "