Friday, March 12, 2004

can I have my city back, please?
911 days after 9/11 - exactly two years and six months - hundreds are killed by a series of bombs on commuter trains in Mardrid. In the intervening period, we have helped invade two countries and placed many and varied restrictions on general civil liberties. And all with the result that we don't even know, as of Friday, if the Madrid bombings were by Al Qaeda or not.

And on the day after, the Labour Party turn the centre of Manchester into something resembling a South American city during a coup attempt. And why are they here? To move our thoughts in more constructive directions, of course.

Around 1,500 party members - along with up to 2,000 members of the media - will hear the government's big beasts try to shift the nation's attention back to key domestic issues

And to do so, they've had to stage a paramilitary occupation of the city to ensure their safety. Our safety? Hey, let's invade Syria...