Thursday, March 18, 2004

economist eats rich, likes taste
Anthropophagous leftist economist Max Sawicky brings what could be either very good or very bad news. A new version of Dawn of the Dead is in the offing. Like Max, I’ve got videos of all three of Romero’s “Dead” movies. I’ve also got three copies of Dawn of the Dead – a film which was, appropriately enough, hacked around quite badly on release. One is the director’s cut, which seems to consist of Romero shouting "More Blood!" at regular intervals.

Whatever the version, Dawn of the Dead is a truly great film, and as Max points out one with a fairly solid but unobtrusive political grounding. Max gets the feminist and anti-racist subtexts, but misses out on the aspect perhaps most relevant today, namely its critique of consumerism. In DoD, the heroes hole up from marauding zombies in a shopping mall only to find that the place attracts them, appealing to some lizard-brained urge to grab and posess and co-terminous with an awful hunger to tear apart and devour the flesh of the living.

Lets say that this is not an argument backed up by careful research. But it is weirdly convincing. I can’t walk through the Arndale Centre without looking at the blank expression on the faces of my fellow shoppers, wondering if I too have those wall eyes and faint flecks of drool round the mouth. Remaking DoD for the no logo generation makes, ironically enough, good commercial sense.

I wonder if Max has seen Romero’s the Crazies, a biohazard shlockfest centering around an escape of a virus from what appears to be Fort Detrick in Maryland, which I believe is in his neck of the woods.