Wednesday, March 24, 2004

where interests are more interesting
At last, honesty in advertising.

The Project for the New American Empire is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American hegemony is good both for America and for America; that such hegemony requires military dominance, diplomatic stonewalling and commitment to corporate principle; and that too few political leaders today are making the case for American interests being the most interesting interests there are.

Yes, indeed. Much more interesting. Forget the jabber and prevarication. It's time to rip the mask off and howl at the moon. It's year zero and the world is what we make it.

Consider Albert Einstein’s famed Theory of Relativity. Is a universe conforming to this esoteric jumble of numbers one in which the United States is the pre-eminent power? Can the theoretical scribblings of an avowed socialist describe a reality Americans should accept?

When pressed about Einstein’s theory, scientists hem and haw. They complain that it describes only part of the physical universe, that a new theory reconciling the General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics will answer all our questions.

Yet there is only one question that matters. Is such science in our national interests?

Physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy and the other sciences are based on a more fundamental structure. This structure is mathematics itself - and we should not shy away from questioning the usefulness of this discipline, too.

Consider the following simple algebraic equation:

n = 2(x) where x = 3

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of mathematics will quickly say that n = 6.

But is America stronger because this is so? Is it not possible that our interests would be furthered even more if n were to equal 7? Or 8, or 9 or even 10? Why should the United States be limited by such a small number as 6? For that matter, why should Americans be limited by mathematicians and physicists and biologists and other suspect interests who tell us that we cannot build missiles that travel the speed of light? That other people in other countries are made of the same basic stuff as we are? That we cannot send Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to assassinate Bill Clinton?

Who in the world would be interested in limiting American power in so subtle a fashion?

The answer is not so difficult to guess. Ask any young person anywhere for the solution to the algebra problem posed above. Whether from France, Nigeria or Nepal, the answer will be the same. Clearly the “international community” has reached a consensus on the supposedly “pure” nature of mathematics and the science derived from it. The same “international community” that has proved to be so obstructionist in so many other areas in which we seek to promote our national interests.

We must develop our own, American brand of mathematics and science. Let the Nigerians have the Theory of Relativity. Let the Nepalese have sub-light speed missiles.

Let the French have n = 6 ... and see how far it gets them.

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