Wednesday, March 10, 2004

whiling away the lazy afternoon...
making posters for George Bush's re-election campaign

Just stick your slogan above the Bush/Cheney logo, press the button and the finished article appears in acrobat format, ready for printing. It's an official feature of the presidential re-election website. Nonetheless it allows jokers and rude people considerable latitude. I got away with:

how many divisions does the pope have?

Nah, too obscure - and it won't let you use question marks. Then there's:

You have nothing to lose but your job. And your house.

A bit literal. How about:

because you can never have enough plutocracy

or the simple and profound

arbeit macht frei!

Oooooh dear. A bit wicked that. There are limits. Apparently

Did you kill Jesus?

crosses them. Anyway, have fun.

via Wonkette, which is running a contest for best slogan.