Thursday, May 06, 2004

it's a pisser
According to this report in the Guardian, the Mirror are sticking to their guns over revealing the names of the two squaddies who gave them the controversial abuse photos. Good. To my mind, the whole point of the furore over the photos is to get the Mirror to reveal its sources, thereby compromising its ability to embarrass the government further.

I thought the photos looked iffy when I first saw them, mainly because of their quality. Is your average squaddie likely to have a digital camera that takes very hi-res black and white photographs? Yet the complaints about their authenticity have focused on the possibility that they may have been staged. No-one that I’ve seen has claimed that the photos themselves have been faked with photoshop or a similar programme. And these claims themselves rested on things that weren’t proved (the make of rifle and truck) or on nitpicking about the way in which the squaddies and victim were dressed.

These claims are semi-refuted here. To my mind, the telling point is this. If the photos were staged, then this means that some obliging fellow agreed to be pissed on by a man dressed in military uniform for the benefit of the Daily Mirror. Even with money involved, this is hard to believe. I suppose someone could have been coerced into posing in this way, which leads to a whole different line of enquiry.