Saturday, May 29, 2004

there.I've said it.

Welcome, one and all, to the grand opening of the Official Nick Berg Conspiracy Theory. After cutting the ribbon, the mayor will pin a rosette on an odd shaped vegetable and dip his finger in a number of home made jams produced by elderly virgins.

Possum believes "the available evidence surrounding the case suggests that it was a 'black operation' by US psychological warfare specialists ... to provide the media with a moral relativity argument to counter the adverse publicity over torture at Abu Ghraib". The use of FBI footage in the opening sequence, if confirmed, suggests the involvement of high-level US Government operatives.

Since this is congruent with my own political outlook, I'm obliged to think of reasons why it can't be true. Probably something to do with the complete lack of evidence for the proposition as put forward. Still, pretty coherent for two and a bit weeks after the event.