Tuesday, May 11, 2004

the unbearable rightness of noam
Josh Marshall:

For someone who considers himself in many ways a hawk and who did and does believe in American power as a force for good in the world (most recently in the Balkans) it is difficult to describe the depth of the chagrin over watching the unfolding of a story which reads in many ways like a parody of Chomskian screeds against American villainy.

Over to Mark Kleiman:

George W. Bush has managed to actually carry out the program Noam Chomsky only dreamed about: to greatly reduce the capacity of the United States to achieve its ends abroad.It's that -- even more than making us liberal hawks look like a bunch of fools -- that makes some of us so uncontrollably angry

Er...why not just admit that Chomsky might be right now and again, instead of casting him as beyond the pale? After all, it follows from the above that when the next great adventure is mooted Chomsky's opinions may seem more realistic than those of "liberal hawks."

Explananda's noticed this too.