Tuesday, June 01, 2004

innovation in financial services

I learn from my inbox this morning that Mr David Roberts wishes to make me rich.

My name is David Roberts, the Chief Executive of
Personal Financial Services of the Barclays Group with
head office at 54 Lombard street, London EC3P 3AH.

I am writing this letter to solicit for your support
and assistance to carry out a project concerning a
late customer of the bank by name Dr. Victor Morgan,
an oil magnet and philanthropist who died on the 14th
of June 2002 in the London Hospital after being
involved in fatal car crash which also claimed the
life of his wife and two sons.

Lying in his inactive account in one of our branches
is the sum of Thirty Million United States Dollars ($30,000,000.00). Ever since he died the bank has placed a stop on all transactions on this account pending when his next of kin would come forward for necessary actions, identification and collection.

Yes, it's a British e-mail scam. None of your Nigerian rubbish around here. Makes the heart swell, and brings a tear to the eye. How do you get to become an "oil magnet" anyway?