Friday, June 25, 2004

worst president ever

No it’s not about George. It’s sort of about Bill, but it’s mainly about someone else.

OK, right. From Oliver Kamms blog, the following statement:

Clinton himself - the worst human being ever to be President - debased his office.

The worst, eh? I never liked old backdoor Bill but he never did anything as bad as what’s alleged below. This is an extract from Gore Vidal’s The Last Empire.

“Well” said Hersh “I’m glad I got to you.” Hersh is brisk and bumptious. “I got some questions for you. That detail in your book about how he was having sex in a tub wuth this girl on top and then, as he’s about to come, he pushes her head underwater. Why?

I explained to Sy that the shock of the head being shoved underwater would cause vaginal contractions, thus increasing the pleasure of a man’s own orgasm. “Crazy” he said. How do you know all this?” I said I’d been told the story years ago…Sy was exuberant. “Well, I got four retired secret service men – serious guys – and one told me how he would bring the President a hooker when he was lying on his back in the tub and then she’d get on top of him and when he was ready the Secret Service guy would shove her head underwater…”

Any guesses?