Friday, July 02, 2004

i print rumours

I print them from today's Popbitch

chemical_ali writes from Iraq:
"In a romantic postscript to a disastrous
occupation, newspapers here are saying that Paul
Bremer enjoyed "an emotional relationship" with a
35-year-old Iraqi woman who used to work for
Saddam's protocol department. His paramour and
her family are now in Jordan awaiting passage
to the US in Bremer's hasty wake, with talk of
marriage on the cards.

"Many of Bremer's colleagues also fell into bed
with their Iraqi translators and assistants,
while others could pick up prostitutes at the
private bars the occupation authority set up at
the Rashid hotel. Army grunts, however, had to
make do with banging their hookers in the
toilets of the Palestine hotel, right under
the noses of the press corps."

What's Arabic for "me love you long time"?